Healing Generational Money Wounds w/ Wealth Generator Linda Garcia

Healing Generational Money Wounds w/ Wealth Generator Linda Garcia

Welcome to Season 3!

We’ve got money on our mind. $$$

Wealth generator Linda Garcia empowers women of color to expand our imagination of what’s possible and to dream big as CEO & founder of In Luz We Trust, kicking off our third season of The Motif Podcast.

A Cali native and proud Latina, Linda Garcia spent 17 years working in the TV and film industry helping well-recognized TV networks, movie studios and streaming services build programming for the U.S. Hispanic market. Despite enjoying the work, Linda knew there was more to life than working to make someone else rich. Eventually, she took the knowledge she’d gained and used it to launch the Let There Be Luz podcast: a weekly podcast aimed to channel one’s spiritual journey.

In 2019 Linda had a spiritual journey that led her to what she considers her life’s purpose: to help the Latinx community heal the generational money wounds that prevent them from achieving wealth.

Here’s what Linda and host Shanetta McDonald cover in the episode:

  • How can women of color get started with investing
  • Erasing limiting beliefs women of color have when it comes to money
  • How healing your wounds can help unlock your purpose to help others.

Connect with Linda:
In Luz We Trust Instagram: @inluzwetrust
Linda Garcia’s Instagram: @luzwarrior
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