Creating Space For Our Stories w/Chloe Dulce Louvouezo

Creating Space For Our Stories w/Chloe Dulce Louvouezo

Congolese-American writer, mother, and advocate for women Chloe Dulce Louvouezo empowers women of color to move past discomfort to embrace their divine purpose as author of Life, I Swear, in which she explores nuances and insights around intimate topics of identity, mental wellness, and healing, told through the lens of women from the Black diaspora.

Raised by a single mother and a host of other families from across diasporas, Chloe grew up in Niamey, Niger, West Africa and lived in 10 other cities around the world. She has experienced life from a unique lens; one that anchors her conviction to question and explore identity, privilege, connection and healing. Because of this, and as a mother, Chloe champions women's autonomy to live, heal, and process unconventionally.  

In this week’s episode, Chloe and host Shanetta McDonald get into:

  • Overcoming fear and leaning into vulnerability as writers and artists.
  • Owning our identity as multi-faceted women of color.
  • Healing from past relationships.

Connect with Chloe:

Life, I Swear Instagram: @lifeiswear

Chloe’s Instagram: @chloe_dulce

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