Becoming A Conscious Hustler w/Tiffany Hardin

Becoming A Conscious Hustler w/Tiffany Hardin

Award winning executive marketer, investor and educator Tiffany Hardin inspires women of color to become conscious hustlers, as founder of Gild Creative Group, an influencer marketing agency that focuses on bringing conscious marketing to big ideas.

Some of Tiffany’s client work has included: Airbnb, WeWork, Target, Microsoft, Cobble, Ovia, HBO, Wethos, Black Girl in Om, Heal Haus and more. Additionally, she’s worked with hundreds of influencers and celebrities on branded social campaigns.  

Tiffany considers herself and her team 'Conscious Hustlers'  who spend time focused on serving clients who are innovating and elevating the well-being of culture through strategy, influencer marketing, and partnerships.

In this week’s episode, Tiffany and host Shanetta McDonald get deep about:

  • Discovering and using our voices to express our experiences as Black women in America.
  • The glorification of entrepreneurship + Tiffany’s advice for women of color embarking on the journey.
  • Following our spiritual calling and allowing ourselves to be guided to true alignment.

Connect with Tiffany Hardin:
Gild Creative Group’s Instagram: @gildcreativegroup
Tiffany’s Instagram: @tiffany_hardin

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