Embracing Life With Softness & Ease w/Storyteller Zoila Darton

Embracing Life With Softness & Ease w/Storyteller Zoila Darton

Passionate creator, innovator and skilled connector Zoila Darton wants women of color to embrace and own their journey as CEO & creative director of WORD Agency, an LA based creative agency dedicated to culturally rich storytelling, brand elevation & experiential marketing.

A proud afro-Latina, Zoila’s career began more than 15 years ago, with success in the entertainment industry; starting in the music industry where she served as Director of Marketing & Artist Relations at boutique Latin Music Publishing and Distribution company Mayimba Music. After delivering dynamic digital campaigns and events in music, she parlayed her knowledge of relationship building, cultural trends and conceptual ideation into launching the boutique agency WORD, where she builds meaningful marketing campaigns, creative content and consumer experiences for brands like The Los Angeles Philharmonic, HBO, Red Bull, Foot Locker, Nike, Converse & Lululemon.

In this week’s episode, Zoila and host Shanetta McDonald get into:

  • Owning your story through storytelling
  • Women of color allowing themselves the gift of rest and softness.
  • How motherhood can kickstart our personal healing

Connect with Zoila:
WORD Agency Instagram: @word.agency
Zoila Darton’s Instagram: @zoiladarton

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